Our investment philosophy

One philosophy for every kind of market

We’ve been helping investors achieve what’s most important to them for nearly 100 years using the same straightforward investing philosophy: Invest for the long term, seek quality investments and manage risk through diversification.

  • A long-term strategy

  • Hyper focus on quality

  • We don't disclose or sell any information about our clients and their transactions to any third parties

  • As a financial institution , we operate strictly within the policies of international financial law

Welcome To Equity Trade Investment Company

What We Do

We are an investment company, using blockchain technology to drive secure and profitable investments and manage portfolios for our clients. We take our client's financial dreams and make them a reality.

Identify Assets

We identify high potential assets using our intelligent financial markets systems, combined with expert advice.

Analyze Risks

We carry out risk-reward analysis to determine the risk exposure for each asset we select.

Manage Portfolio

We create and manage client portfolio using artificial intelligence and expert investment managers.

Effective leader

Good leaders never violate trust that is given to them — either by people higher up in the organizational ladder, or by people who work for and with them. Leaders here at Equity Trade are very accountable, we willingly share what we know.

Best Support

Here we have the best online support that’s online 24/7 to respond to the needs and questions of it’s investors, because communication is what matters most in a business and Equity Trade is know for its communication skills.

Creative idea

Brilliant investors brings creative ideas that’s will help promote the company to a new level and they say” we all learn everyday” so with the experts in Equity Trade it’s helps the company to go far in the stock market because of their ideas.


“Frontier in the fintech space, we have shown the way others now follow.” and have maintained the status of 'first' in many dimensions of the investment space.

equitytrade.org is a blockchain-based investment company created to help the average person reach her/his finanical dream.

At equitytrade.org, we take resposibility for investor's success and portfolio performance


equitytrade.org builds and manages portfolios tailored to the investor's financial needs, and deploys technology with expertise to ensure these finanical goals are met.

How To Join

Investor Onboarding Process

Here's a description of how you can join us at equitytrade.org. Our work process is simple and direct, and laced with expertise.

  • Register
  • Select
  • Fund
  • Withdraw
Register A New Account

To join us at equitytrade.org, you first have to register for a new account. To register, click the "Get Started" button at the top of the page and fill the simple form.

  • Free to Register
  • Referral Bonus
  • Free Advisory Call
  • No Country Restriction
  • Easy Registration Steps
Select Investment Plan

After complete registration of new account, next is to select the investment plan that suits your budget and financial goals. Our plans are distributed to adapt to your needs.

  • Adaptive Plan
  • High ROI on Plans
  • Match Plans to your Goals
  • Variety of Options
  • Plans are Written in Smart Contract
Fund Your Account

After selecting your preferred Plan, next thing to do is fund your account. You can fund easy and fast using the funding option available to your region.

  • Direct funding
  • Fast funding reflection
  • Region-specific options
  • Zero cost of funding
  • Secure electronic channels
Withdraw Profits

As soon as your investment matures, your profit becomes available in your wallet, and can be withdrawn to your local account, in the currency available in your region.

  • Instant Withdrawal
  • Zero withdrawal cost
  • Withdraw to local currency
  • Profits reflect in Wallet
  • Easy reinvestment from profits

Our Selected Assets

Here are our major instruments from which we build investors' portfolios. These instruments and their underlying assets were carefully selected, using high-end fundamental and technical analysis.

All Currencies Stocks & ETFs Options and Indexes

Our Affiliate Program


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Investment Products

Highly profitable products and services.

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Real Estate

Real estate is a $217 trillion-dollar market making up almost 60% of all global wealth. It's the largest source of wealth, yet it is illiquid for 99% of the world today. In the past, you only had access to real estate if you were rich or had rich friends–meaning that most people weren't able to benefit from the passive income and capital appreciation it provides.

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Commonly seen as a great store of wealth, this precious metal is also known as a reliable safe-haven asset. With a rich history amongst almost all global cultures, gold remains a highly popular investment. Although it has multiple uses, its primary function is typically to hedge against inflation in an often volatile futures market, as well as to diversify existing Precious Metals.

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Oil and Gas

Surprising as it might be, anyone can invest in the oil market to make a profit. Indeed, the development of online trading platforms has allowed individuals to use their savings to speculate on rising or falling oil prices. To this end, simply choose your method of trading between the CFDs offered by Forex brokers, which are specifically designed for beginners.

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Bitcoin mining is the process of creating new bitcoin by solving a computational puzzle. Bitcoin mining is necessary to maintain the ledger of transaction upon which bitcoin is based. Miners have become very sophisticated over the last few years. Equity Trade have through the years been part of the bitcoin mining sector. We have a pool of professional miners.

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Foreign Stocks

Foreign Stocks trading covers about 5trillion dollars daily by just the act of trading foreign currencies and precious assets. It comes with a lot of strategies . Equity Trade has successfully secured 0.04% of the daily forex revenue by effective use of Technical and fundamental Analysis, Fibonacci etc. This serves as a high way of generating a lot of revenue for investors.


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Our mission is to deliver growth to your investments

Trading Strategies

Our trading strategies include a combination of human expertise and artificial intelligence in spoting profitable trade opportunities.

Progressive Portfolios

The one thing that is common amongst all our clients is continuous increase in ROI of their investments. We deliver on our word!.


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